An airline is disrupting your trip?

Recover up to €600 in compensation.


Airline flight disruptions

Recover up to €600 in compensation.

Europe's most punctual airlines

PositionAirline CompanyFlights arrived on timeAverage delayNumber of flights
1Alitalia90,48%25 minutes10 901
2Aeroflot89,03%50 minutes22 860
3Iberia Express88,71%45 minutes3 007
4LOT - Polish Airlines88,63%32 minutes8 366
5Eurowings87,85%38 minutes6 725
6Iberia87,70%43 minutes7 451
7Vueling87,49%18 minutes12 642
8Austrian86,77%34 minutes8 457
9Air France85,50%39 minutes20 018
10Norwegian Air Shuttle85,25%25 minutes3 218
Arrival on time of flights of the main European airlines, data from Cirium's analysis of February 2020.

The complicated claim 

European Regulation EC 261/2004 gives air passengers whose flights have been cancelled, delayed or overbooked the right to compensation from the responsible airline.

Unfortunately, this right is relatively unknown to passengers. In addition, airlines do not systematically comply with their obligation to inform injured passengers of their rights. It may even happen that the airline operating a passenger's flight takes advantage of the passenger's lack of knowledge of European law.

For example, it is common for airlines to offer commercial gestures, typically "miles" or coupons to be redeemed on future trips. And many passengers accept these commercial gestures, even though these compensations fall short of what their rights allow them to obtain.

But it is not enough to know one's rights in order to be able to apply them. Passengers who make a claim to the airline operating their flight are rarely able to obtain compensation amicably. Indeed, most of the time the airline will simply refuse compensation on the grounds of extraordinary circumstances. In many cases, however, these circumstances are not proven. But by making this choice, the airline hopes to dissuade the passenger from pursuing his or her claim for compensation. To be able to assert his rights after a refusal, the injured passenger has no other recourse than to take the case to court. This step is often prohibitively expensive, as the costs of defending the case exceed the value of the compensation the passenger can obtain.

Compensation of a flight

There are several criteria for entitlement to compensation.

You can directly test the eligibility of your flight with our compensation calculator. All you have to do is enter the flight's information to find out if you are eligible for compensation and how much you may have. To access our calculator: click here..

Our experts are fully conversant with European regulations, but more importantly, they are familiar with the procedures applied by the airlines. They are used to dealing with companies that are reluctant to compensate their passengers and will be able to make the most of your rights.


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