Travellers claim their refunds

More and more travellers are complaining about a lack of response to their claims.

And with good reason: many airlines have changed the information they make available to passengers about their refund policies.

Proposal of assets & unreachable airlines

On the website of most airlines, the possibility of a cash refund is no longer explained. Instead, passengers are offered a credit note for the amount of their reservation, valid for one year. In the most extreme cases, and under certain conditions, the airline will even charge an additional fee to obtain this credit.

In the event that the passenger is persistent enough to still make a claim, he or she is often faced with radio silence from the airline.

The airlines have a good reason for this: the repatriation of passengers stranded abroad is a highly demanding priority, they say. Or they argue that their customer service is simply saturated with too many requests.

The purpose of this behavior? Conserve their cash flow. And to do that, they have a great deal of support.

IATA, a strong ally

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) brings together nearly 300 airlines and has a mission to defend their interests. And in the current context, this is a Herculean task.

The entity explains to anyone who will listen that the airlines do not have a sufficient level of liquidity to be able to refund all passengers who request it. In support of this argument, IATA representatives add that a weakening or even jeopardising of the airlines could lead to serious consequences. According to IATA President Alexandre de Juniac, a weakening of airline connectivity would represent a major handicap to the recovery of global economic activity.

Yet each IATA request to the European Commission to allow airlines to issue credit notes in response to passenger claims has been refused.

Thus, the issuance of credit notes relates only to reimbursements for travel packages and cannot, under any circumstances, be applied to cancellations of so-called dry flights.

Get your cancelled flights refunded

As you will have understood, airlines remain subject to European Regulation EC 261/2004. As such, in case of flight cancellation due to Covid-19, they are obliged to refund in cash if the passenger requests it.

But in the current situation, you are more likely than ever to encounter difficulties in getting your airline ticket refunded.

European law entitles you to a refund and our experts ensure that your rights are optimally valued, so that you get your money back without any problems.

All you have to do is send us your flight information and we will take care of your claim in full.